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web marketing consultancy, Studio Kpromos by Alessandro Folghera: websites development search engines promotion, graphic and Translations services online.
web marketing consultancy websites development Studio Kpromos Studio Kpromos is a young company, whose activity is web marketing oriented, i.e. oriented to the websites promotion among the most significant search engines. Other activity that characterizes the Studio Kpromos is the development of web sites aplications, that is to say the programming of dynamic internet sites, easily updatable by the customer.

The need to ensure to its customers quality and security, has imposed selections. Studio Kpromos has choosed to operate within the Linux world, the operating system developed by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991.

The advantages of this selection are so visible to everybody. It's not a casualty that Banks and Governments are nowadays adopting Linux as their own operating system. Significant is that all the northamerican intelligence and military structures are adopting Linux too.

The technology adopted is defined as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php). Linux is stable and secure. Once it's installed and correctly configured, Linux is the most stable and sicure system, as its predecessor, UNIX, is. Apache is the great engine of Linux, and by the way the most used web server in internet. MySQL is one of the best RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System). Its great advantage is that MySQL is open source. Actually it's employed in every kind of system for its versatility and for the infinitive configurations it supports. At the end of the chain we have Php, a side server language very stable and performant.

What Studio Kpromos by Alessandro Folghera offers

The seriety of the Brescia's reality Studio Kpromos is set on the following activities:
  • Internet Sites developed on Open Source technologies.
  • Development of internet sites with high accesibility level.
  • Sites promotion into the search engines, i.e. web marketing promotion.
  • Develompment of internet sites with high social, ambiental and civic content.
Studio Kpromos is set in Botticino Sera, in the province of Brescia, Lombardy's city in the north of Italy. This is its address:

Studio Kpromos by Alessandro Folghera
Via Don Minzoni 33
25082 Botticino Sera (Brescia) - ITALIA

Tel 0039 030 2190218
Fax 0039 030 2193268
Cell 0039 328 2923815

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Studio Kpromos by Alessandro Folghera offers web marketing consultancy and websites development.